Capturing a 360 photo every day

I’m on a mission to capture at least one 360 photo every day. I’ll be using a Samsung Gear 360 for the shots.

A 360 photo seen from a VR headset allows you to view the world from that exact moment. I can take a 360 photo today and view it in twenty years from now as if I time traveled. I can take my daughter back in time to what it was like in her first bedroom. We took a 360 video tour of our apartment so we can relive memories of our apartment in Seattle. It’s a great way to capture a moment in time and see it in its full context.

WordPress plugin to view 360 photos on Samsung Internet Browser in Gear VR

Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR released an update that allows you to have a skybox while browsing on a page. It appears experimental and the only feature in their web developer guide.

I love the idea behind this. It gives the reader additional context of a page. You’re not only reading an article but you’re experiencing it too. I decided to try this for myself on

I released this as a plugin. Feel free to try it out yourself. Keep in mind that it will only work on the Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR. I hope this can become standardized to support all HMD’s in the future.

We’re Moving to Italy

We’re moving to Bologna, Italy!

It took me over four years to be recognized as an Italian citizen then in 2014 I was officially recognized. We’re finally ready to move to Italy.

The plan has always been to live in Italy. The process took longer than we expected so we decided to have a home base in the US so we can finish the paperwork and have a baby in the US. In the meantime we called Seattle, Washington our home.

I’m glad we decided to move to Seattle. I love this city for its great food, soccer, tech, and chill vibe. I can see us living in the Seattle area again one day. Marcella was born in Seattle so it’s always going to be a part of us. We’re travelers though always looking for the next adventure. Our next adventure is:

We’re moving to Bologna, Italy!

We’re excited to give Marcella the opportunity to go to preschool in Italy too. While we don’t know any Italian yet, Duolingo has been helpful. We have post-it notes throughout the entire apartment with the objects name in Italian and try to say it to Marcella as often as we remember to.

If you’re curious, I will still be working for Automattic. Automattic is a fully distributed company thus allowing me to work from anywhere.

Our lease ends November 1st in Seattle so we’ll be out by the end of October.

We’re looking for any moving and living tips for Bologna and Italy. We’ve never lived in Italy so anything helps.