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On Writing and Routine

It’s been quiet here. My intention for this blog was to write about topics unrelated to travel since Art of Adventuring was exclusive to travel. Since I’ve taken a break from travel writing it seems like what really happened is I’ve taken a break from writing anything at all. This was not my intention.

I’ve never felt like I was a good writer but years of writing about my journey around the world it became a routine and reading my first few months of writing on the blog I could tell that I’ve become a better writer. My new routine was to write about non-travel related essays on this blog here. I never created that routine and instead told myself I’d write whenever I felt like it. I thought that feeling would come up more often but it rarely did as you can tell.

Without a regular routine of writing, I feel like my writing has gotten worse. This simple entry is taking me longer than it should to write. It’s become harder to write down my thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t come as easily as it use to. I use to be really good at this.

This is not a New Years resolution, it’s something I have to do to stay healthy. I will write more often. I feel better about myself when I write. It doesn’t have to be good nor about any particular thing. I feel writing makes me smarter and confident about myself and my thoughts. This entry here is a promise to myself that I will create a routine and write more often.

I’m certain there’s a few grammatical and spelling errors in this entry. I hope that over time with my new routine that I can feel more comfortable with my writing and these words flow easier.

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