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One Year at WooThemes

Today marks my one year anniversary at WooThemes. Time flies! I’m truly grateful to work along with so many funny, creative, and talented people.

As of April 1st, I’m happy to announce I’m now the Developer Advocate for WooThemes.

My journey at WooThemes started as a WooCommerce Support Technician while I was still living in Sayulita, Mexico. A couple months later I became a support lead for a group of support technicians. It’s been an amazing experience and continue to learn so much. WooThemes provides so many opportunities to grow and learn.

Before joining WooThemes, I was already applying to positions at other companies as a Developer Advocate/Evangelist. There were very few companies offering this position along with offering the opportunity to work remotely. After I accepted my position at WooThemes, I did not try to pursue the role again intentionally. At WooThemes I started taking on responsibilities outside of my role that I was passionate about and found great joy in doing that aligned well with the Developer Advocate role without thinking that’s what I was pursuing. A year later I became a Developer Advocate for WooThemes.

I just do what I love to do and it leads me in the right direction.

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