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Jetpack added VR support for over a million WordPress sites and no one is talking about it

Version 4.5 of Jetpack for WordPress is an impressive release for many reasons with a ton of new features but VR support is only slightly mentioned in the changelog and not mentioned on the Jetpack blog.

The Jetpack team added a feature that enabled over a million self-hosted WordPress sites the ability to share 360 content. This is huge for WebVR.

“We already have the metaverse, it’s the Internet in 2D!” – Vlad Vukicevic on Voices of VR

If we are to make WebVR successful, we need to make it easy for content creators to share their 360 content and will work across all devices including 2D monitors.

We will see massive growth in 360 content and devices that can take them in 2017 and Jetpack is ready for it.

This is a great step forward for WebVR though and excited to see it continue to grow.

Already have Jetpack installed and want to learn how to use this feature? Find out here.

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