About Me

  • In May 2009 I left New Jersey on a one-way ticket to Beijing, China to travel around the world for a year. I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go but most of it was unplanned. The trip was supposed to last only a year but as I continued to travel I realized how much more I wanted to explore.
  • I started a blog called Art of Adventuring in December 2008 to write about my travels. I loved writing but part of what kept me going was creating the site itself. I taught myself everything that had to do with WordPress. I would break the site just to see what would happen. I got into the code and experimented while teaching myself everything, all of which I did while traveling.
  • I learned WordPress by creating custom functionalities and designing my own themes. Eventually I found myself helping other bloggers throughout Facebook, Twitter, and Email as I got more involved in the blogging community. I was a freelance web developer for several years because of this and helped fund most of my nomadic travels.
  • In 2010 I taught english in Xi’an, China for a year while I continued to build my business. I learned many new skills teaching in China like public speaking.
  • In 2011 I started business called Art of Travel Blogging. It started as a community forum for bloggers and technical website services. Then in January of 2013 my business merged with Travel Blog Success. The business became a huge success often doubling or more in gross every year. The business taught me a lot about building a successful business and being a entrepreneur.
  • I’ve built many projects and businesses while I continued to travel and live in different parts of the world.
  • In April 2014 I took a full-time position at WooThemes to help support a very popular WordPress plugin called WooCommerce. I was later promoted from Support Team Lead to Developer Advocate for WooThemes. WooThemes was later acquired by Automattic.
  • In August 2014 I moved to Seattle, Washington to have somewhere to call home again. I still love to travel but now have a place where I can come back to.
  • I’m a huge foodie and it’s usually the focus of most of my travels. I will eat most things, especially if it’s a local speciality. Balut anybody?
  • I love virtual reality and have been very involved with the community and development of it. It’s an exciting technology and if you know me, I usually talk nonstop about it.
  • I enjoy experimenting in Unity and Unreal Engine for virtual reality purposes.
  • I’m a gamer and always have been. I’ve played Quake competitively, created hundreds of maps for StarCraft, and now captain of a team on Heroes of the Storm.
  • I’m a Seattle Sounders FC fan.

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