Releasing Photos under Public Domain

I will be releasing photos from my travels as Public Domain (CC0).

I will be releasing photos from my travels as Public Domain (CC0).

This will waive all copyrights related to my photos. Everyone will be free to use these photos for any purpose without attribution.

I have thousands of photos that have never been published online from my many years of travel. They are being stored locally on my computer with no other purpose other than to look back on my own memories. I want to everyone to be able to use them and share them.

I feel giving everyone access to my travel photos will help teach everyone more about the world.

I will be somewhat selective in which photos get published as CC0 to avoid publishing photos of myself so I don’t see myself in a random ad. There is a possibility the photos could be used for purposes I don’t agree with but I know it will be used for more good than bad.

This will be a monumental task of correctly giving a title, description, and tag to every photo. I’ll be releasing photos in batches as I edit them.

All CC0 will be released via Flickr. The reason is because I find Flickr to be the easiest and most popular to tool to find Creative Commons and Public Domain photos. Follow my Flickr account and more photos will be published over time.