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Joining Automattic

Exciting news this morning as it has been officially announced that WooThemes in joining Automattic.

I joined WooThemes April 15, 2014 as a Support Ninja. At the time we were around 20-30 employees. Within a few months, I moved into a new role leading a small support team for many of our enterprise level extensions. Then on April 1st I became a Developer Advocate to help foster the developer community around WooThemes products like WooCommerce.

We’re now at 55 employees joining a team of 325 putting us at 370 total from all over the world.  I’ve talked to many of my fellow ninja’s and can report that we’re all excited to be joining the Automattic family. I can’t wait to get started and get to know the new family.

This is a great opportunity for WooThemes and to bring WooCommerce to a whole new level.

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One Year at WooThemes

Today marks my one year anniversary at WooThemes. Time flies! I’m truly grateful to work along with so many funny, creative, and talented people.

As of April 1st, I’m happy to announce I’m now the Developer Advocate for WooThemes.

My journey at WooThemes started as a WooCommerce Support Technician while I was still living in Sayulita, Mexico. A couple months later I became a support lead for a group of support technicians. It’s been an amazing experience and continue to learn so much. WooThemes provides so many opportunities to grow and learn.

Before joining WooThemes, I was already applying to positions at other companies as a Developer Advocate/Evangelist. There were very few companies offering this position along with offering the opportunity to work remotely. After I accepted my position at WooThemes, I did not try to pursue the role again intentionally. At WooThemes I started taking on responsibilities outside of my role that I was passionate about and found great joy in doing that aligned well with the Developer Advocate role without thinking that’s what I was pursuing. A year later I became a Developer Advocate for WooThemes.

I just do what I love to do and it points me in the right direction.

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On Writing and Routine

It’s been quiet here. My intention for this blog was to write about topics unrelated to travel since Art of Adventuring was exclusive to travel. Since I’ve taken a break from travel writing it seems like what really happened is I’ve taken a break from writing anything at all. This was not my intention.

I’ve never felt like I was a good writer but years of writing about my journey around the world it became a routine and reading my first few months of writing on the blog I could tell that I’ve become a better writer. My new routine was to write about non-travel related essays on this blog here. I never created that routine and instead told myself I’d write whenever I felt like it. I thought that feeling would come up more often but it rarely did as you can tell.

Without a regular routine of writing, I feel like my writing has gotten worse. This simple entry is taking me longer than it should to write. It’s become harder to write down my thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t come as easily as it use to. I use to be really good at this.

This is not a New Years resolution, it’s something I have to do to stay healthy. I will write more often. I feel better about myself when I write. It doesn’t have to be good nor about any particular thing. I feel writing makes me smarter and confident about myself and my thoughts. This entry here is a promise to myself that I will create a routine and write more often.

I’m certain there’s a few grammatical and spelling errors in this entry. I hope that over time with my new routine that I can feel more comfortable with my writing and these words flow easier.

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New Job at WooThemes

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working full-time for WooThemes as aWooCommerce Support Technician.

Everything led me to this point

I’ve started many businesses and have been freelancing for over five years. I’ve worn many hats in those years and learned a lot that has brought me to where I am today.

I started using WordPress in 2008 to blog about my upcoming travel plans around the world. I loved writing but part of what kept me going was creating the site itself. I taught myself everything that had to do with WordPress. Sometimes I would break my own site just to see what would happen. I got into the code and experimented with thousands of themes, plugins and created several of my own. I taught myself PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and later expanded into other languages and improved on my workflow.

The travel blogging community was relatively small in 2009. As one of the only WordPress experts within the travel blogging community, I started to make a name for myself as the go-to guy for all WordPress related issues and questions. I’ve now spoken at conferences, provided support for many of the top travel bloggers in the industry, and created several tech guides and lessons.

Without even realizing it, I started to become a teacher. I was teaching others and fixing WordPress sites on a regular basis and I was darn good at it too.

Art of Adventuring

Art of Adventuring will of course continue on with articles on my adventures. I’ve been taking a much slower approach to travel in the last year so not much will really change with that. I’ll have another update later on where we’ll be living next (hint: It’ll be in the US).

The Next Chapter

This is the start of a new chapter in my life. Since the position is remote, I can still live and work from anywhere. I’m excited to be working for WooThemes and to further my career as a developer and support technician.