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We’re Moving to Italy

It took me over four years to be recognized as an Italian citizen then in 2014 I was officially recognized. We’re finally ready to move to Italy.

The plan has always been to live in Italy. The process took longer than we expected so we decided to have a home base in the US so we can finish the paperwork and have a baby in the US. In the meantime we called Seattle, Washington our home.

I’m glad we decided to move to Seattle. I love this city for its great food, soccer, tech, and chill vibe. I can see us living in the Seattle area again one day. Marcella was born in Seattle so it’s always going to be a part of us. We’re travelers though always looking for the next adventure. Our next adventure is:

We’re moving to Bologna, Italy!

We’re excited to give Marcella the opportunity to go to preschool in Italy too. While we don’t know any Italian yet, Duolingo has been helpful. We have post-it notes throughout the entire apartment with the objects name in Italian and try to say it to Marcella as often as we remember to.

If you’re curious, I will still be working for Automattic. Automattic is a fully distributed company thus allowing me to work from anywhere.

Our lease ends November 1st in Seattle so we’ll be out by the end of October.

We’re looking for any moving and living tips for Bologna and Italy. We’ve never lived in Italy so anything helps.

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The Future of Art of Adventuring

In 2014 I wrote that I was taking a break from travel blogging. I haven’t been back since and I don’t plan on making travel blogging a part of my life again. I enjoy sharing stories of my travels but I find that I can do that in many ways without having to sacrifice the enjoyment of travel.

Several of the articles from Art of Adventuring has moved to a new home on Why Wait To See The World. It’s my wife’s new business. I have hundreds of quality articles and I’d hate for the world not to use read them. Their new home has already seen more traffic than what I was giving them for awhile. There’s a long list of articles that still need to be moved too.

I will continue to have Art of Adventuring and many of my more personal articles will continue to live on Art of Adventuring.

I’m not sure if or when I’ll revisit Art of Adventuring but for now I have no intention of revisiting the business. I may jump in from time to time because I have something to say but it’s not an official announcement of trying to do more with the business.

I do miss it sometimes though.

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Jetpack added VR support for over a million WordPress sites and no one is talking about it

Version 4.5 of Jetpack for WordPress is an impressive release for many reasons with a ton of new features but VR support is only slightly mentioned in the changelog and not mentioned on the Jetpack blog.

The Jetpack team added a feature that enabled over a million self-hosted WordPress sites the ability to share 360 content. This is huge for WebVR.

“We already have the metaverse, it’s the Internet in 2D!” – Vlad Vukicevic on Voices of VR

If we are to make WebVR successful, we need to make it easy for content creators to share their 360 content and will work across all devices including 2D monitors.

We will see massive growth in 360 content and devices that can take them in 2017 and Jetpack is ready for it.

This is a great step forward for WebVR though and excited to see it continue to grow.

Already have Jetpack installed and want to learn how to use this feature? Find out here.

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Reliving Automattic’s 2016 Grand Meetup

Do you work for Automattic and never want to leave Grand Meetup? Or wish you worked at Automattic and partied with us there? I have good news for you!

Experience Automattic’s annual Grand Meetup in 360 photos and videos that I took during the week. I recommend viewing these photos and videos in a Gear VR or other headset for the full experience but desktop works too.

View the entire 360 photo gallery here.

A few of my favorite photos are below. The photos spin so drag around and explore.